Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did auto downloads (or feature xyz) go in pFoilo?

Please see this page on pFolio's upgrade to the Google Photos API. Google does not allow apps to retain photos for more than 60 minutes, and they also apply a quota to the number of photos that apps can download. Due to these two restrictions, the app had to choose between going away entirely or turning off the auto download capability.

2. I'm missing photos in pFolio. Where are my friend's shared photos?

When Google disabled Picasa in 2016, they also disabled app access to albums and photos that are owned by others and shared with you. Apps no longer have access to any photo that is owned by a different user, even if that photo was placed inside an album that you own. There is no workaround for this. It is part of the security model Google is enforcing in the API.

3. How large are the downloads? Will my phone run out of space?

My phone uses under 300MB per 1000 photos. Photo sizes may vary, but by these estimates a 16GB card could hold 50,000 photos. Most users have far fewer photos and most devices will easily have enough space. It is well worth dedicating the space for such fast access. If the app has already auto downloaded your photos, you can check how much space it is using by visiting the app settings -> downloads -> status.

4. How do I upload multiple photos at a time?

View the photos you want to upload in your device's gallery app. If you navigate to the thumbnail view in your gallery, there should be a "Share" or "Select Multiple" action on the screen's menu. HTC phones want you to select "Share" first and will then allow you to multiselect. Other phones may want you to multiselect first and then select "Share". Either way, share the photos you want to upload and then select the respective app from the displayed app list.

5. How do I get all my photos from my phone to the internet site?

The approach depends on whether you want to pick and choose what you upload, or if you just want to upload everything you have.

If you're going to pick and choose, follow the step in #3 above.

If you want everything, go into the app settings -> downloads -> and turn on auto upload. Pick a target album and select save. The app will then ask you if you want all photos or only new photos to be uploaded. Select all. Now select Status and do a Force Download/Upload. You should see the app attempt to upload. If not, see #8 below.

Once this is complete, you can turn off the auto upload setting if you do not wish new photos to continue to be uploaded.

6. How do I change the upload album or change the upload's privacy settings?

After sharing photos with the app, the photos will display in the uploader's "Preparing" tab. You can then select individual photos to change their upload settings and target album, or you can select Edit 1+ to edit multiple photos at a time. After selecting Edit 1+, select Edit to change the upload settings for all photos at once.

7. How do I download only the albums that I choose?

Go into the app settings and select Downloads. Then select Edit Downloads and select / deselect albums. If you want to keep photos from auto downloading completely, go to the app settings -> downloads -> and turn off "auto downloads". After either of these changes, go to the app settings -> downloads -> status -> delete downloads to remove everything that has been downloaded thus far.

8. Help, the auto download is not working!

If the auto download does not appear to be working, check its status in the app settings -> Downloads -> Status. The status panel will report the last time an auto download was completed and if any errors were experienced. If no errors display, connect AC power while viewing the status panel. The status will change to indicate an auto download is starting, or if not, why not. If you have further problems, feel free to contact me.

9. Help, the auto upload is not working!

Here are some simple steps to help determine problems in the auto upload. If these do not help, feel free to contact me if you continue to have problems.

  1. First, take a new picture and confirm it doesn't upload.
  2. Next, go into the app settings -> downloads -> status and force the download/upload, does the status say it is looking for uploads and do the uploads process?
  3. If not, the most likely cause is the upload location is not the location where your camera is saving its photos. Almost all modern devices have an internal SD card and an external SD card. If you've manually added an SD card to the device, this will be the external card. In your camera app, check if it is storing to the device's memory (internal) or to an sd card / memory card (external). You should then select the corresponding location in the app settings -> Downloads / Uploads -> Upload locations.
  4. Keep in mind that only new photos taken after you enable the auto upload settings will auto upload.
  5. If you have instant uploads turned on, the photo will upload 7 seconds after being saved. You should be able to take a photo and switch back to the status panel to see if the app uploads it. If it uploads or fails, the status should be reported on the status panel. If it doesn't appear to do anything, you probably have an incorrect path specified as described in #3.
  6. If instant uploads is not on, the app only auto uploads after AC power is connected. If this is your situation, visit the app settings -> Downloads / Uploads -> Status panel and then connect AC power to watch the sync and check its status.

10. Help, I don't see how to start a Chromecast!

Chromecast in my apps requires Android 4.0 or higher. The first thing to do is to ensure your device is capable of casting. Start the Youtube app and ensure you can cast from it. If you cannot, ensure you have the latest Google Play Services installed on your device. This troubleshooting page from Google may also help. If all else fails, attempt to reboot the mobile device and Chromecast.

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