dFolio for Dropbox

dFolio Dropbox Android app

dFolio Dropbox Kindle Fire app

Dropbox Android app that excels at offline viewing. dFolio optionally auto downloads your photos for fast viewing wherever you go. Cast to your TV with chromecast. Show slideshows with animations. Turn your Android tablet into a photo frame in seconds.

Dropbox app for Android and Kindle Fire

Take Your Photos With You

dFolio optionally auto downloads your Dropbox photos for fast offline viewing. The auto downloads are small and sync while your phone charges.

Show Off

The app looks great on Android phones, tablets, and Chromecast. The photos are sized for your device, so enjoy extra high resolution photos on tablets. View full screen slideshows for one folder across all of your folders. If you have Android 4.2, enable Daydreams to run slideshows when you dock or charge your device.

Turn any device into a photo frame! Control photo transitions and photo display time (from 1 second to 24 hours). Automatically refresh slideshow content in the background while the slideshow is running. Automatically play videos (and mute them) as part of the slideshow!

Dropbox app for Android and Kindle Fire

Easily Upload Your Pictures

Batch upload full resolution pictures in the background while you do other things. Simply share photos or videos from your gallery with dFolio to upload them to Dropbox. Turn auto uploads on to automatically upload photos and videos to your folders.


  • Fast offline access to your photos
  • Clean interface that looks great on phones and tablets
  • Full screen slideshows by folder or across all folders
  • Automatically play videos during slideshow
  • Automatically refresh slideshow content
  • Cast Dropbox photos with Chromecast
  • Multiselect to copy, move, delete, and share multiple photos at a time
  • Play videos
  • Upload multiple photos and videos at at time
  • Auto upload photos and videos
  • Hide folders from the app
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Set pictures as wallpaper
  • Share pictures using email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Control slideshow interval and randomization
  • Automatically set full screen brightness when viewing photos
  • Change storage location to external SD card (or any folder)
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